Organization Development

Organization development (OD) is a process designed to enhance an organization’s effectiveness, viability and results.  It can focus on structure, systems, policies, people–anything that contributes to or detracts from the organization’s chances of success.  OD can serve as a key that unlocks the puzzle created by change–change initiated by new (sometimes disruptive) technologies, emerging or shrinking markets, information explosion, changing workers and work demands.   OD seeks to help an organization grow and transition so that it responds to the change in a way that is beneficial to shareholders, stakeholders and employees.

At  RVP Enterprises, we focus on specific strategies to help your organization succeed.  From coaching leaders to equipping managers to motivate their staffs; from creating powerful mentoring programs to enhancing your diverse and inclusive environment, we have the tools, perspectives and more than 25 years experience helping people learn what they do well and how to do it better.

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