Ask almost any leader you choose. They would say that along the way, they were helped by someone—a mentor—who was critical to their success. When asked in a Catalyst study why they felt like they’d reached the glass ceiling, many respondents commented: “lack of an appropriate mentor.” 

Mentoring has been shown to help emerging leaders grow by pairing them with more senior leaders who have had significant experience and can share their wisdom and perspectives.  It enables employees to accelerate their growth and to develop more quickly in areas traditionally learned through trial and error.  A mentoring program can reinforce the organization’s culture and business principles while targeting related business goals like:

  • ·         Developing diverse bench strength
  • ·         Maximizing  employee potential
  • ·         Enhancing leadership and development skills
  • ·         Keeping diverse and talented people available for opportunities 

Through structured meetings and individual sessions, partners get to know one another, help one another and support each other’s goals. The relationship leverages the experience and tenure of the senior partner with the curiosity and fresh perspective of the emerging leader. 

Whether retention, engagement, leveraging diversity or simply the preservation of intellectual capital is the goal, mentoring appears to be an effective vehicle to accomplish it.

If your organization could benefit from a mentoring program, our more than 12 years of designing and implementing mentoring programs could support your efforts.