Diversity encompasses the range of differences and similarities resident in the workplace. It has the potential for creativity and opportunity. It has the potential for chaos. The difference between those two scenarios rests in how inclusive the workplace is and how effectively leaders lead and managers manage.

Diversity is a critical business issue and a competitive advantage. It is not simply a matter of meeting goals; nor is it an excuse to hire people who are unqualified for a job. For many organizations, it is a major change effort.

Organizations who evaluate themselves “score” a number of factors on the diversity and inclusion index. Among these are: composition of the board of directors; executive statistics, clear and compelling message communicated throughout the organization, workforce demographics, and the existence of a plan to achieve results.

Because each organization is different, the goals may be different.  The way they accomplish their goals may be different. But one thing remains the same. The goals will not be accomplished without commitment, strategy, communication, support and reward.

At RVP Enterprises, we bring more than 15 years of experience working in the “diversity space”: assessing climate, identifying opportunity, crafting strategy, building alliances, developing supportive programs and measuring results.

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