As individuals and as groups we demonstrate our ability to get a task done or to achieve goals. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a sense of our talents and strengths; nor do we have the perspective to leverage those assets to their greatest extent. That’s a prime situation for coaching.

At RVP Enterprises, we use a coaching model that is based on a well- rounded view of the client. Using external assessments, feedback from associates and internal introspection, we create a picture of where the client is and where he or she can go. With our client’s personal commitment, we contract for results, and we achieve them.

 Each coaching engagement is unique and tailored to the individual. Metrics are established at the beginning of the engagement and benchmarked at significant intervals. This serves both to motivate and to course correct. Once the final benchmark is achieved, we celebrate. But we also create a follow up plan for maintenance and continued development. 

At RVP Enterprises, we believe that continuous, accelerated learning is the basis for and the outcome of exceptional coaching. And exceptional coaching is a springboard for success.